The reservation of your date is made by paying a deposite and signing an agreement wich protects both of us – you as a client and me as the photographer. This agreemenet holds the details about everything what both parties can expect from eachother, including time of delivery, payment etc.

Yes. we strongly believe it is very important to take your time and talk to us about your schedule on your wedding day and let us explain the importance of particular part of the day for your couple session, because of the light and other things that might be the most important for us as your photographers, in order to make the best photos we can. So, let's plan together to have amazing pictures in the end!

You have waited for your wedding throughout your life and spent precious time on websites of many photographers in such a hustle and bustle and viewed hundreds of photographers portfolios. Meanwhile, you've learned both a lot of necessary and unnecessary information about photographers. Clearly after this stage, you would prefer to have your pictures taken by a photographer you've found has the best portfolio website. At this point we have a significant advantage different from others, because when you work with us, we take your wedding pictures as a team. Ana and I work together to give you our full attention. We do not accept other photo sessions on a day we have devoted to clients even if it is just for a 2 hour session. As a team we focus on using high quality equipment and do not allow unfamiliar third parties to the photo sessions. You will not experience the surprise of having an inexperienced photographer with an inferior camera taking second class pictures. Such situations are usually found in wedding halls and contracted studios. In other words the photographer's portfolios you see will be the same quality. Although communication, tecnique, naturalness, light contact knowledge and fun moments are important ,they are not sufficient to achieve perfect photos. All these factors combined with the best equipment available, are required to achieve perfection. This is why we are diligent about keeping a strong ,updated inventory
Canon eos 5D Mark II
Canon eos 5 D Mark III
Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L IS II USM
Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L IS II USM
Canon EF 8-15 f/4 L Fisheye USM (Balıkgözü)
Canon EF 50 mm f/1.4 USM
Canon Speedlite 430 EX II Flash
Canon Speedlite 580 EX II Flash
Youngnuo Speedlite YN 600 EX-RT Flash
Manfrotto MK 190xPRO4- BHQ2
Manfrotto Beefree (Tripod)
İmpact Hexi 24 Speedlight Softbox (2 Adet)
Phottix Strato TTL Flash Alıcı (3 Adet)
Phottix Strato TTL Flash Tetikleyici (2 Adet)

It really depends on several things, as whether you will have those pictures taken before the ceremony or after, or even one (or few) days after the wedding day. This is something we love to discuss with each couple, so that we find the best possible solution together.

We've heard this sentence sooo many times, you have no idea. On the other hand, We don't believe We've ever had anyone saying that after they stood in front of Our camera and saw the photos We've made. It is Our job to make you feel relaxed and comfortable when We're taking your pictures. If you can do that for me (just breathe, relax and be yourself, enjoy the moment), it's up to us to make the best photo of that – the real you. Of that what you feel in that moment. It's actually not that scary as many people think.

For 2 hours couple session we’r taking approximately 800 pics. It’s a bit much because of we’r taking 2 photographers :) At all works we’r filtrating our pics. such as so much dark, so much bright or sleeping pictures etc. before we deliver the pictures to you . For couple session we’r delivering to couples via or around 400 piece of picture. For wedding stories we’r taking 100-150 pictures/hour. We don’t want to miss any precious moment at your wedding day and that’s why we’r taking so many photos. Unfortunately and naturaly we wont have the all photos brilliant :) but you can be sure about you will get at least a full brilliant album even more. Until now we succeeded to give to our couples at least 15 20 pictures which they can be “their own movie’s Poster” image. Ofcourse it doesn’t mean that rest 40- 50 pictures will be garbage … Movie poster image means the top level of the photos what I mean… that pictures which we'r talking about are iconic pictures.

The pictures which we will send you will be how they’r out from the camera, without any process but just they will be resized as small jpegs. The purpose of making them small is that you can download them and watch them fastly. Anyways they will be in a reasonable sizes that you can see the derails on your screen, they’r small just for printing issues. The pictures which you chose for album are going to be processed by Ana, editing basic retouches and applicating the recepie which is produced by Ana as a secret (even I don’t know it :) ) The recepie based on “edit the photo in a natural way” . Our couples can expect that their pictures will be as natural as it’s possible and as eye catching as it’s necessary :)

First of all the pictures which we send to couple needed to be selected in decided number and let us know the filenames of the that pictures. After this key point production line will turn-on. So as you can realized “to start” is the responsibility of the couple :) How we get your selected photos we’r immediately starting to work on your picture edits, and designing the layouts of your album in order to be on a right chronology. The designed album pages will be sended to you as jpegs, page by page. What we’r expecting from you in this section is to give us feedback about the album pages, let us know where you would like to change. -make the pic. smaller, make the pic bigger, kick this out, put this in etc.- After your feedback we’r fixing the page-s which you want then send you one more time to get your approval for printing. When we get your approval we’r sending the printing files to our album producer. If there is not a extraordinary stuation our album producer delivers the album to us in 7 work days.

1. We’r sharing the digitals of your pictures just after the wedding day in the first possible time.
2. After you select your pictures which is necessary for your album we’r offering you the album pages in between 7-10 days.
3. After we get your approval for the print in 7 work days your album reaches to us.
4. Just in the same day we’r letting know that your album had been reached to us. And if you are available you can get it in the same day.
So if all timeline works without interruption and perfectly you can get your album in between 15-18 days after the wedding day.

For the couples whom live in Ankara, we agree at a café or any location which is fitting for each party. Actually we adore that moments when our couples starts to monitoring their albums in the first time :) It is an indescribable joy to see them while they are looking each other atleast on each page. So this is the biggest motivation for us to getting this kind of reactions because what we made for them. For the couples whom live out of the city , we ship the cargo via collect on delivery

We see no problem in that. We make couples photo sessions as well. Just write us a note and We'll get back to you with all the info.